Agua Frescas by La Botana Michoacana Ice Cream Shop

At La Botana Michoacana Ice Cream Shop, we take pride in our agua frescas, from the selection of premium fruits to the careful preparation of each drink. Our skilled staff carefully washes and hand-cuts the fruits to ensure that only the best parts are used in each drink. We enhance the flavors of the drink, allowing the natural flavors and colors of the fruits to shine through in every sip. Each drink is then individually blended to perfection, using just the right balance of fruits and water, before being served to our customers at their preferred temperature. Our agua frescas not only quench thirst but also offer a flavorful and nutritious alternative to sugary drinks. You can also try out our fresas con crema, a fruit-based drink that bursts with fresh, natural flavors, and horchata, a plant-based beverage that captivates our customers' taste buds. Do not hesitate to visit us today and experience the difference in every sip of our drinks!